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We design educational services, develop intellectual resources, and facilitate networks of institutions that cultivate a coherent vision of Christian institutional leadership and form Christian leaders.

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Faith & Leadership

Faith & Leadership is the online magazine of Leadership Education that aims to strengthen your practice of Christian leadership by offering you a new language and way of thinking about your work and your institution. We publish new educational content every two weeks, as well as offering a daily news digest that draws on interdisciplinary resources around the web.

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How to Tell Your Story: Writing the Personal Essay

Every writer can be a better writer. In this four-week online course, we will take you through the writing process to help you reflect theologically on your life for essay ideas. You will then work with the editors of the award-winning Faith & Leadership to turn one idea into a short personal essay.

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Living Like They Believe

Ordinary Christians ponder how God is transforming their struggles and calling them into new life. Explore their vocations, daily lives and redemption stories through small group lesson plans that include films, Scripture study and practices.

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Sourcing Innovation

A 5-week online course led by visual anthropologist and filmmaker Marlon Hall that teaches how to capture the true needs of a community through careful listening and observation.

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Webinar: Writing From Your Life of Faith

This one-hour webinar will give you the skills you need to write a theologically rich personal essay. The session will teach you how to sharpen the focus of your writing; develop a personal voice and present your work professionally for publication.

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Foundations of Christian Leadership

Foundations of Christian Leadership is a learning community that aims to help leaders cultivate the kinds of practices that are essential for transformative leadership within vibrant Christian institutions and congregations.

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Executive Certificate in Religious Fundraising

What’s the best way to raise money? This training program supports faith-based organizations and people of faith who wish to gain expertise in fundraising principles and practices.

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Traditioned Innovation Awards

Each year, four institutions are awarded $10,000 for responding to challenge by holding the future and past in tension, acting creatively while remaining true to the traditions of the institution and our faith.

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Leadership Development Grants

Vibrant Christian institutions are constantly developing current and potential leaders, identifying talent, nurturing growth and encouraging the formation of wise, sustainable practices. As many as five Leadership Development Grants, of up to $50,000 each, will be awarded in 2017 to institutions that develop a yearlong project to nurture the leadership of their staff and partners in ministry.

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