What We Offer

We design educational services, develop intellectual resources, and facilitate networks of institutions that cultivate a coherent vision of Christian institutional leadership and form Christian leaders.

Online offerings

Faith & Leadership

Faith & Leadership is the online magazine of Leadership Education that aims to strengthen your practice of Christian leadership by offering you a new language and way of thinking about your work and your institution. We publish new educational content every two weeks, as well as offering a daily news digest that draws on interdisciplinary resources around the web.

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Foundations of Christian Leadership

Foundations of Christian Leadership is a learning community that aims to help leaders cultivate the kinds of practices that are essential for transformative leadership within vibrant Christian institutions and congregations.

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Denominational Leadership: Serving God and the Church in an Executive Role

Denominational Leadership equips denominational staff members who have previously served congregations with tools and strategies to effectively navigate the complexities and changing landscape of institutional leadership.

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Custom services

Generative Solutions

Generative Solutions is an 18-month-long, custom-designed “learning while working” process in which a cluster of institutions sharing a common community, tradition and/or mission work together on a vexing challenge. The purpose is to build the leadership capacity of the participating institutions; increase collaboration across networks; and develop a sustainable set of initiatives to address a complicated challenge.

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