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IT WAS AN AMAZING PROCESS Generative Solutions can help you solve complex problems. Is your Christian institutions or congregations grappling with an overwhelmingly complex challenge? The Generative Solutions design process can help you and your network of organizations investigate and develop a productive, custom-designed response to your challenge. LEARN MORE


Lay leader Leah Taylor was tapped to help the Texas Annual Conference to help empower lay leaders to live out their faith. She got help from Leadership Education’s Generative Solutions design process, which clarified the deep needs and helped begin developing a new training model.
“It was an amazing process, and not something that we would’ve ever come up with on our own,” Taylor said. “It’s been a tremendous gift to us to help us figure out what in the world we’re doing.”

Christian institutions, congregations and broader systems regularly identify and grapple with critically important challenges that are overwhelmingly complex. Addressing this challenge will extend Christian witness and strengthen institutions, but leaders are often perplexed about how and where to begin to develop a productive response.

Each Generative Solutions engagement focuses on a cluster of institutions that shares a common community, tradition and/or mission. That could include institutions and congregations affiliated with a denomination at a national, regional or district level. Or it could be a group of church and community institutions that are located in the same region.

Generative Solutions is a “learning while working” process that focuses on learning to define problems; mobilize key stakeholders; conduct research; think strategically; and experiment, evaluate and experiment again.

The purpose will be to build the leadership capacity of the participating institutions; increase collaboration across networks; and develop a sustainable set of initiatives to address a vexing challenge.

While each process follows the same basic 18-month process, each engagement is custom-designed. Participating institutions pledge time and money to the Generative Solutions process.

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