Leadership Education encourages innovation in Christian institutions with small grants that empower our constituents to experiment, develop the leadership among its staff and recognize ideas that could be useful to other organizations. We share what we are learning from grantees through Faith & Leadership and our programs.

Traditioned Innovation Awards

Each year, four institutions are awarded $10,000 for responding to challenge by holding the future and past in tension, acting creatively while remaining true to the traditions of the institution and our faith.

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Participant Grants

Participants in Foundations of Christian Leadership have the opportunity to apply for a $5,000 innovation grant that goes to their institution for an innovation that the participant leads. This grant empowers the participant to put learning into action to serve the mission of the organization.


Leadership Development Grants

Vibrant Christian institutions are constantly developing current and potential leaders, identifying talent, nurturing growth and encouraging the formation of wise, sustainable practices. As many as five Leadership Development Grants, of up to $50,000 each, will be awarded in 2017 to institutions that develop a yearlong project to nurture the leadership of their staff and partners in ministry.

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