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How to Tell Your Story: Writing the Personal Essay




Registration Deadline: April 20, 2017

Course Dates: May 3-24, 2017

Time Commitment: ~4 hours/week

Course Fee: $200 ($25 discount for webinar participants)


Every writer can be a better writer. In this four-week online course, we will take you through the writing process to help you reflect theologically on your life for essay ideas. You will then work with the editors of the award-winning Faith & Leadership to turn one idea into a short personal essay.

As a participant in the course, you will produce one 1,000-word, theologically rich personal essay, ready to submit to a publication.

You will grow in your understanding of the practice of Christian theological reflection and the craft of writing. And you will benefit from the feedback and expertise of seasoned editors as well as an online community of writers.

Once you have polished your final essay, you will receive guidance in how and where to submit it.

You will:

  • Develop a theologically rich idea
  • Identify and write for your audience
  • Grow in your understanding of writing as a Christian spiritual discipline
  • Constructively critique your work and that of others
  • Revise and improve your writing
  • Learn how to productively work with editors

You will leave the course with:

  • One 1,000-word personal essay, revised in collaboration with Faith & Leadership’s award-winning editors

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