Denominational Leadership


Larron Jackson

Training gives leader “new zeal” for work

Taking part in Denominational Leadership inspired American Baptist official Larron Jackson that Christian leaders need to move beyond church walls to truly fulfill their mission.

The program challenged him “to see ministry not simply along denominational lines, but to hear Christ’s voice afresh in this age in which we are called to minister,” he said. “I got more than I had hoped I would get from it. A whole lot more.”

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It seems like only yesterday that you were the pastor of a congregation, and now you are offering leadership to your denomination at the regional or national level. Not only are the scope and scale of your responsibilities different, so too are your available resources and the ways you can lead effectively. This four-day educational event is designed so you can consider your practice of leadership and be equipped with the tools and strategies you need to navigate the complexities and changing landscape of denominational and institutional life today.

People of all denominations who are transitioning into executive-level positions within denominational governing bodies or who have been in their role fewer than three years are welcome to apply for this selective program.

This event will offer participants:

  • a variety of learning experiences designed to develop their individual leadership capacity;
  • the opportunity to learn about their leadership by receiving 360-degree feedback;
  • ways of understanding change processes and transition times;
  • strategies for practicing innovation at the regional or national level;
  • tools for responding to challenges that are particular to the work of a denominational executive, including managing personnel processes, having “critical conversations” and offering difficult feedback; and
  • times to network with colleagues in similar positions.

The faculty for this event include those with extensive experience working with denominations and other organizations. The event will feature special guest speakers such as Marlon Hall, pastor and Christian leader of the Awakenings Movement in Houston.

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