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Foundations of Christian Leadership is offered multiple times a year in varying locations. Cohorts are now forming in Great Plains/Omaha and Houston.

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A Learning Community

Do you care about the Church in the world and want to build skills to lead Christian institutions with joy and creativity?

Foundations of Christian Leadership brings together emerging leaders from a variety of faith-based organizations as colleagues in an encouraging and collaborative learning environment.

The program includes two four-day, in-person gatherings. Multiple locations are available.

Each Foundations participant will have the opportunity to apply for a $5,000 grant to support innovative approaches within his or her institution.

Ideal applicants are those who have been in a leadership position in a Christian institution for fewer than five years.

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Program Objectives

Participants will…

  • Form a learning community rooted in Christian practices
  • Refine a vision of thriving communities that includes the work of Christian institutions
  • Learn how to assess the context in which they are serving and appropriately plan for the future
  • Hone skills in human resources, administration and theological reflection
  • Explore the concepts of traditioned innovation, transformative leadership and vibrant institutions as the underpinnings of effective Christian leadership

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Join a learning community to engage in self-discovery and take part in experiences and activities from multiple disciplines such as the arts, nature and theology that will help you become a transformative leader of your Christian institution.

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