Read the stories of people who teach and learn with us to understand how connecting with a new community and learning a new language and way of thinking is changing their ministries.

‘It has given me a sense of hope and purpose’

Participating in Foundations of Christian Leadership helped Sushama Austin-Connor plan the Black Theology and Leadership Institute at Princeton Theological Seminary.

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Houston pastor works with denominational leaders to inspire creativity

Marlon Hall, who teaches in the Denominational Leadership program, says he "curates human potential" by helping others discover their unique, God-given gifts. In the process, his innovation disrupts predictable patterns and transforms “junk to jazz.”

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Training helps seminary chaplain in expanded role

Taking part in Foundations of Christian Leadership, where he formed a community with Christian leaders from different denominations, helped Corey MacPherson broaden his view of leadership and gave him the continuing education he had been looking for.

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