The Black Ministerial Alliance (BMA) of Greater Boston, Inc., Boston, Mass.

The Black Ministerial Alliance provides spiritual nurture for clergy and advocacy and program services for all of Boston’s communities. It serves as an intermediary organization working in partnership with more than 100 nonprofit agencies annually to make services delivered to low-income youth and their families more meaningful and effective.

Project title: Ministry Innovation Lab — Developing Clergy Leaders to Engage the Communities We Are Called to Serve

Through the Leadership Development Grant, the Black Ministerial Alliance will nurture “Now Generation” faith leaders from the BMA community to work on theological frameworks and collaboration concepts in what they call a “Ministry Innovation Lab.” The lab will be led by BMA Executive Director David Wright and will equip participants with the theology and the “hard and soft skills” needed to effectively identify, agree on and address priority community issues and create partnerships with the social and political leaders necessary to affect meaningful and measurable positive change in Boston.

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