Church of the Pilgrims, Washingtong, D.C.

Worship at Church of the Pilgrims connects with and transforms lives, invites people into the biblical narrative, and connects the practice of worship to the very real and tangible facets of life. As a regular practice, worship life at Church of the Pilgrims is broken into thematic seasons and members of the worshipping community are invited to think deeply together about the theme, develop its intersections with life and worship, and flesh out the worship services themselves. In any given Sunday, it is difficult to tell who the pastors of the congregation are because the intentional way worship leadership is shared.

Church of the Pilgrims has patiently and creatively broken through the traditionalism sometimes found in worship, creating a community that regularly explores the ways in which faith and the lived experience animates and impacts worship. Worship at Church of the Pilgrims is intimately connected with the congregation’s commitment to justice, witness, faith formation and peace.

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