GO FISH!, Pullman, Wash.

GO FISH! is a ministry of Pullman Presbyterian Church and a youth-focused Christian social enterprise that equips young people to save salmon, explore creation, earn money and encounter Christ through participation in a fish bounty program. The state of Washington pays anglers $5-$8 per fish to remove the Northern Pikeminnow from the Columbia and Snake rivers. The Northern Pikeminnow is the single greatest cause of juvenile salmon mortality in the Pacific Northwest, eating millions of salmon fingerlings annually. GO FISH! provides the bait, tackle, rod, reel, safety equipment, instruction, supervision and boat for youth under the age of 16 to aid in salmon recovery efforts and earn money.

Youth and adults are guided by St. Benedict’s rule, forming a floating monastic community. While fishing, the community prays, shares sacred readings, observes silence, shares meals and has spiritual discussions. Jesus invited the first disciples in Matthew 4:13 to leave their boats to follow Him. GO FISH! invites young people to follow Jesus by getting on the boat.

How does GO FISH! exemplify traditioned innovation?
GO FISH! applies ancient Christian practices to meet emerging social, environmental, economic and spiritual needs. GO FISH! inspires a new economic imagination by combining youth discipleship and ecologically sound life skills and work opportunities.

For more information about the Traditioned Innovation Award, please contact us at leadership@div.duke.edu.

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