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Faith & Leadership

Faith & Leadership is the online magazine of Leadership Education that aims to strengthen your practice of Christian leadership by offering you a new language and way of thinking about your work and your institution. We publish new educational content every two weeks, as well as offering a daily news digest, called News & Ideas, that draws on interdisciplinary resources around the web.

Call & Response

Our blog helps you do your work. Our posts explore the management challenges you are facing in your institution and offer theologically grounded ideas for navigating them.

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Practicing Our Faith

Explore a way of life shaped by practices that respond to God’s grace and reflect God’s love for you, for others, and for all creation.

From 2020-22, Lilly Endowment and Leadership Education at Duke Divinity worked to create the new iteration of PracticingOurFaith.org, which seeks to preserve and restore access to the valuable work and reflection that came out of the response to the Practicing Our Faith book, convenings and original site.



Living Like They Believe

Ordinary Christians ponder how God is transforming their struggles and calling them into new life. Explore their vocations, daily lives and redemption stories through small group lesson plans that include films, Scripture study and practices.


Can These Bones

This Faith & Leadership podcast asks a fresh set of questions about leadership and the future of the church. The Rev. Bill Lamar and the Rev. Laura Everett talk with people of faith inside and outside the church -- conversations that breathe life into leaders struggling in their own valley of dry bones.

Questions We Answer

We know that you grapple with many difficult questions as a Christian leader. We want to help. Complex concerns about ministry can’t be fully addressed here, of course, but we provide a starting point for engaging the deep issues.

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