Thriving in Ministry

Thriving in Ministry is a program of Lilly Endowment Inc. that awarded 103 grants to colleges, seminaries, denominations, congregations, and other non-profits to support pastors and the congregations they serve. These organizations serve pastors in a wide array of denominational and ecumenical contexts, geographic settings and regions, racial and cultural backgrounds, and contextual or transitional challenges.

Leadership Education at Duke Divinity serves as the coordination program for this initiative, providing resources and support to these projects, curating learning opportunities for project staff, and sharing the wisdom gleaned from the work with others who care about pastors. This learning community is cultivated through an annual meeting, regular online educational opportunities, site visits and resource collection.

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Questions We Answer

We know that you grapple with many difficult questions as a Christian leader. We want to help. Complex concerns about ministry can’t be fully addressed here, of course, but we provide a starting point for engaging the deep issues.

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