What We Believe

Thriving communities need vibrant Christian institutions, and both need excellent Christ-shaped leadership.


Leadership Education at Duke Divinity participates in the cultivation of thriving communities that are signs, foretastes and instruments of the reign of God. We address a yearning for greater strength and vitality among Christian institutions and for greater faithfulness and effectiveness in the leadership and management of those institutions.

We aim to create lasting change by strengthening the ecology of Christian institutions that enable U.S. congregations and pastors to flourish. We work with those institutions whose mission is the formation of Christians and who have the strength to have scalable impact: denominations, seminaries, church-related colleges, consultancies, large membership congregations, Christian non-profit organizations and others.

We work in North Carolina and across the country, with current and future leaders, using expertise from disciplines as varied as theology, business, sociology and the arts.

Principles & Practices

To learn more about the principles & practices that we believe Christians and Christian institutions need, visit these pages on our online magazine, Faith & Leadership:

  • Training and Learning Opportunities

    We design educational services, develop intellectual resources, and facilitate networks of institutions.
  • Denominational Leadership

    Denominational Leadership

    An ecumenical, four-day educational event designed for people transitioning from parish ministry to executive-level positions within denominational governing bodies.

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  • Faith and Leadership

    Faith & Leadership

    The online magazine of Leadership Education that aims to strengthen your practice of Christian leadership by offering you a new language and way of thinking about your work and your institution.

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  • Executive Certificate in Religious Fundraising

    Executive Certificate in Religious Fundraising

    What's the best way to raise money? This training program supports faith-based organizations and people of faith who wish to gain expertise in fundraising principles and practices.

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