Urban Presbyterians Together, Rochester, NY

Urban Presbyterians Together is an alliance of nine churches with a total of 2,000 members in Rochester, NY. They represent both small and large racially diverse downtown churches with goals of encouraging high-quality schools for all; combating racism; improving police-community relations; and identifying other partners and financing to increase effectiveness in these ministries. Urban Presbyterians Together recognizes they are able to impact their city in much larger ways when they work together.

Project title: Urban Presbyterians Together: Renewing the Vision for a Faithful Future

The overarching goal of Urban Presbyterians Together’s Leadership Development Grant proposal is to strengthen and enhance its capacity to serve its members and the broader community by engaging in strategic planning that leads to a new vision, a ministry roadmap and a series of activities (training events, consultations, etc.) that will grow and deepen leadership. They will engage in a purposeful assessment of their current mission and will determine future directions that will include goals for each congregation, individual and shared staffing models, and joint projects (Presbyterian, ecumenical, interfaith) that will seek to address the urgent needs of the Rochester community.

For more information about Leadership Development Grants, please email leadership@div.duke.edu.

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