Who We Serve

We work with institutions that are dedicated to forming Christians and are strong enough to have scalable impact.


We aim to create lasting change by strengthening the ecology of Christian institutions that enable U.S. congregations and pastors to flourish.  Why institutions?  Because thriving communities, to which all of our work points, need institutions because institutions allow practices to flourish.

Our call is, therefore, not to malign institutions or allow them to languish; rather we are called to serve and improve them and start new ones so they can be bearers of tradition, laboratories for learning and incubators of leadership.

We work with leaders – both clergy and lay – who serve Christian institutions.

Participants include individuals in a variety of roles who work in denominations, seminaries, church-related colleges, consultancies, pastors and associate pastors of large-membership congregations, Christian non-profit organizations, and lay leaders in a variety of contexts.

Read the stories of people who have used our services or taken part in our programs.

Foundations of Christian Leadership

The following are ideal candidates for the Foundations of Christian Leadership program: Individuals who have been in a leadership position in a Christian institution for fewer than five years, including those new to the work or with a recently expanded scope of responsibilities; or lay people who have been called to serve on a congregational staff and are seeking to apply their outside experience to a church. We also welcome applications from associate pastors who are members of multi-staff congregations.

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Denominational Leadership

People of all denominations who are transitioning from parish ministry to executive-level positions within denominational governing bodies or who have been in their role fewer than three years are welcome to apply for this program. This is an ecumenical, four-day educational event designed to allow denominational leaders to consider their practice of leadership and be equipped with tools and strategies to navigate the complexities and changing landscape of denominational and institutional life.

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Generative Solutions

Generative Solutions engagements focus on a cluster of institutions sharing a common community, tradition and/or mission that is working on a shared challenge. That could include institutions and congregations affiliated with a denomination at a national, regional or district level. Or it could be a group of church and community institutions that are located in the same region. While each process follows the same basic 18-month process, each engagement is custom-designed to address a particular challenge.

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Faith & Leadership

This free, online magazine is available to anyone. Faith & Leadership aims to strengthen the practice of Christian leadership by offering a new language and way of thinking about your work and your  institution. It provides a variety of original content, drawing on multiple disciplines, that is free for all Christian leaders. You can receive our content by RSS feed or from one of our newsletters or connect via social media.

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