2016 Grantees Cast Vision for Leadership Development Grants

2016 Leadership Development Grantees

Lott Carey Global Christian Missional Community, Landover, Md.


Lott Carey is a multicultural, ecumenical, global Christian missional community born of African-American Baptist heritage that provides prayer partnership, financial support and technical assistance to indigenous communities around the world who engage in ministries of evangelism, compassion, empowerment and advocacy.


Project title: Developing Leaders the Lott Carey Way


Through the Leadership Development Grant, Lott Carey will nurture early career leaders as they embrace values of collaboration and global vision in their leadership development and practices. Lott Carey Executive Secretary-Treasurer David Goatley, who will serve as project director, identifies collaboration as a significant leadership challenge and opportunity. “While younger leaders may have a greater tendency toward collaboration compared to the generation before them, they often witness less collaborative approaches in pastoral leaders,” he wrote. “As a result, the external influences to replicate presumed effective or successful models can work against internal inclinations.” Participants in Lott Carey’s Leadership Development Grant program will be invited to lead in one of 60 Mission Impact Team positions in ways that affect global and collaborative approaches to serving and leading.


The Black Ministerial Alliance (BMA) of Greater Boston, Inc., Boston, Mass.


The Black Ministerial Alliance provides spiritual nurture for clergy and advocacy and program services for all of Boston’s communities. It serves as an intermediary organization working in partnership with more than 100 nonprofit agencies annually to make services delivered to low-income youth and their families more meaningful and effective.


Project title: Ministry Innovation Lab — Developing Clergy Leaders to Engage the Communities We Are Called to Serve


Through the Leadership Development Grant, the Black Ministerial Alliance will nurture “Now Generation” faith leaders from the BMA community to work on theological frameworks and collaboration concepts in what they call a “Ministry Innovation Lab.” The lab will be led by BMA Executive Director David Wright and will equip participants with the theology and the “hard and soft skills” needed to effectively identify, agree on and address priority community issues and create partnerships with the social and political leaders necessary to affect meaningful and measurable positive change in Boston.


Convención, Hispanic Baptist Convention of Texas, Lubbock, Texas


Convención is third largest gathering of Hispanic Baptists in the world and is affiliated with more than 1,000 congregations. They seek to be a family of diverse and spiritually healthy churches, connecting and developing resources to impact Texas and the world with the presence of Christ in the fulfillment of the Great Commission.


Project title: Young Latino Leadership Development Initiative


The goal of Convención’s Leadership Development Grant program is to engage, activate and immerse emerging Latino leaders in personal and professional leadership development experiences that are both culturally unique and relevant to their Hispanic Baptist culture and calling. They will offer a year-long structured experience addressing developmental, organizational and management skills; contextualized leadership skills for Hispanic ministry; and structured mentoring with workshops, online resources, shadowing and mentoring.


Urban Presbyterians Together, Rochester, NY


Urban Presbyterians Together is an alliance of nine churches with a total of 2,000 members in Rochester, NY. They represent both small and large racially diverse downtown churches with goals of encouraging high-quality schools for all; combating racism; improving police-community relations; and identifying other partners and financing to increase effectiveness in these ministries. Urban Presbyterians Together recognizes they are able to impact their city in much larger ways when they work together.


Project title: Urban Presbyterians Together: Renewing the Vision for a Faithful Future


The overarching goal of Urban Presbyterians Together’s Leadership Development Grant proposal is to strengthen and enhance its capacity to serve its members and the broader community by engaging in strategic planning that leads to a new vision, a ministry roadmap and a series of activities (training events, consultations, etc.) that will grow and deepen leadership. They will engage in a purposeful assessment of their current mission and will determine future directions that will include goals for each congregation, individual and shared staffing models, and joint projects (Presbyterian, ecumenical, interfaith) that will seek to address the urgent needs of the Rochester community.


The Second Episcopal District of the African Methodist Episcopal Church via Turner Memorial AME Church, Hyattsville, Md.


The Second Episcopal District of the AME Church is home to more than 1,200 associate ministers serving among 400 churches. Most are unpaid bi-vocational ministers, faithfully serving their churches out of commitment to the call on their lives and to the people they serve. Turner Memorial AME Church is a prominent church in the district and is known, under the current leadership of the Rev. Daryl K. Kearney, as a leadership development incubator. Project title: Aaron’s Army Leadership Summit Series


Through the Leadership Development Grant, Turner Memorial endeavors to cultivate the leadership skills and nurture the ministry gifts of associate ministers serving throughout the Second Episcopal District. Goals for a Leadership Summit Series for associate ministers include enhancing their gifts and skills, equipping them to execute at new levels of ministry within their home churches, and inspiring them to reframe their own ministerial identity and perceptions through gatherings and mentoring circles.